Poetry | Ryan Ormonde

Do You Ever Think of Dolphins?

How aquatic are your dreams? Does your sleep
Apnoea slip easily to fantasies of breath-lengthening
Explorations? Do you oblige with reams of gossip
For slumbering Anemone? Do you perform your
Landlubbering exoticism to the Wonders of the Deep?
Do you move freely within those limited breathings
Knowing well the joys of those who do not seek?

What I’m asking really is do you ever think of
Dolphins and are they Oceanic? Do your thoughts of
Dolphins morph happily from Commerson to Hourglass?
Do you wonder at their fluking births, the tail-wiggle that
Announces the glorious continuation of Dolphin anarchy?
Do you wait for the messages they bring from the King of the Seas?

Do you listen, falling asleep, to their urgent clicking and
Interpret it easily, synaesthetically – dear dreamer?

Do you ever think of Dolphins when the green and loving Sun of the
Public Garden inebriates you to fantasies of water?

You would be saved by that Dolphin pod and brought gorgeously aloft
As the boy of The Sun, the son of Aphrodite, the poet Arion whose
Greatest hit could not convey the salty rush of Mereswine rescue.

Ryan Ormonde (he/him) has contributed poems to SPAM, Spoonfeed and Permeable Barrier and collaborated on a video poem with poet Karenjit Sandhu for Magma. Ryan’s collaboration with artist Madalina Zaharia won best film at the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2021.

Linktree: linktr.ee/ryanopoet
Instagram: @ryanopoet


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