Art | Meredith Nemirov 

Rivers Feed the Trees

Rivers Feed the Trees addresses the issue of climate change specifically regarding water in the West and Southwestern United States. This past summer of extreme wildfires side by side with the Covid pandemic created a figurative conflagration in the studio which resulted in these works on paper. It is a procress where I am painting a “rewatering” of the landscape. Working on historic maps showing the topography of Colorado, the image makes a connection between the trees and a multitude of rivers appearing in the surrounding canyons. The linear elements and patterns assigned by map makers to the various aspects of the geology of the land are visual elements in the landscape and the form of the tree.

An exhibition of Rivers Feed the Trees opens in Telluride August 5th at the First Thursday Artwalk.

Meredith Nemirov is from NYC. She studied at The Art Students League and received a BFA from Parson’s School of Design. After working as a free-lance illustrator for 11 years she devoted her time to painting and exhibiting her work. In 1988 she moved to Ridgway, CO and opened the Ridgway Gallery which specialized in antique prints, maps and books about the exploration of the American West. The gallery closed in 1999 and since then has focused on her studio work, on-site painting and teaching. She maintains a studio in Ridgway and part time in Spain where she teaches each year on the island of Mallorca. 


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