Art | Caitlin Sarah Heslop

Breathing Spaces

Each of the works in this series were created or inspired by green spaces within the UK.  They consist of natural forms, and fluctuate between abstraction and realism. Caitlin is particularly interested in capturing a sense of growth and life within her work, touching on the importance of cultivating growth, and celebrating green spaces both within urban and rural spaces.

St Agnes I

Reaching High


St Agnes III

St Agnes VI

Caitlin Sarah Heslop is a London based artist, working predominantly in pastel, ink and oil paint.

Caitlin is excited by the vibrancy and liveliness of marks fluctuating between abstraction and realism. She has always been motivated by a sense of longing to capture the invisible within the visible: the emptiness and substance of space, a dance between what is known and unknown, revealed or concealed. She uses materials that can be thinned to make use of layering to create depth to play with visibility, whilst also maintaining a sensitivity and specificity of marks. Caitlin works directly from nature and memory. This dualistic way of working brings a dreamlike quality to each work. 

Instagram: @caitlin__heslop

Caitlin is currently exhibiting and selling work with Blue Shop Cottage through their Works On Paper III exhibition.


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