Poetry | Niamh O’Connell


Past Lough Derg, in a bend of the River Shannon, a wave
evaporates. It is cotton-swaddled to be airmailed
on a southwesterly wind to the North East of England.

The traversed cloud hangs now above a poet’s house.
It’s come for a visit with someone long since distanced.
Condensing overhead the river falls onto strange soil.

Against the poet’s window the raindrops are tapping
           oscailte, oscailte.
The poet runs outdoors arms spread, and she spins.
Saturated, embracing the downpour, she cries
           fáilte, fáilte.

Niamh O’Connell is an emerging poet currently based in Cork city. She graduated from Newcastle University in 2020, having studied on the MA Writing Poetry programme. She has performed her poetry at multiple events in the city of Newcastle. Her work investigates the nuances of language and how language constructs our wider reality. 

Website:  niamh0C.wordpress.com
Twitter: @Niamh0C


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