Art | Deepa Khanna Sobti

My connection to nature is to its essence being a sense of feeling whole. When this definition is applied, it’s impossible not to see nature everywhere, all the time. It also opens to us the fact that beauty is all around us always. An example of this is when we are able to examine our ability to particularize perception, we find only wholeness. Even when looking at a building we realize when we widen our gaze and outlook that the building includes the sky around it. It includes the shadows that it casts due to the lighting that is always there. We realize that wholistic nature is all we ever see. In my work, which is abstract in nature, there is the similar presenting of beauty which is not measured by parts but by the immediate wholistic perception of life itself. I never need to look far for my inspiration. Whether it is at the sky and clouds with amazing play of light and dark or it is the mesmerizing play of angles in rocks laying on each other on beach or it is the overall play of angles in a bar in what appears to be arms and shoulders of various people. As long as the perception is widened, nature is all there ever is. And it is infinitely beautiful.  

Fighting the Current

“When the leaf fights to find its way out of the gushing force of the sea…It is helpless and scared and incredibly small and limited in its strength…But when it stops fighting…When it stops resisting where it is…It finds itself enjoying the ride…It finds itself dissolve into the sea…It now has the strength of the sea itself.”

Utter Amazement

“All that is left is trust…Not me trusting life…But just trust…Just love…Exploding as situations…That happen…And disappear…And appear…This will go on…Somehow seeing any reasons for it…Or seeing a method in it has gone…It’s just utter amazement.”

Just Reach Out and Take It

“The only reason I desire anything is because I think it is separate from me…If I saw that the world and all its parts were my own creation…I wouldn’t need to desire or long for anything…I would just reach out and take it.”

What I Am Not

“As I see myself as that which sees everything else…As that which knows everything but itself remains unknown…I see that the entire realm of knowables must be outside of me…I realize that any knowledge must only be of what I am not”

The Unity of Coexistence

“If it is in my universe…If it has a name…If it brings up images…If it makes me feel…If it simply exists…It must be inseparable from me…It must be a part of me…Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to recognize it…Otherwise how could it exist?”

Deepa Khanna Sobti is a Singaporean self-taught artist, poet and philanthropist. She creates abstract expressionist oil paintings and writes a poem for each piece. Her powerful work reflects her deep dedication towards investigating and exploring life differently from the way it presents itself through the lens of worldly conditioning. Her practice is the embodiment of her philosophy of life as a wholistic experience. Nature is a big part of her inspiration. She believes that if life is looked at from a wholistic lens then nature is all that is ever experienced. She donates 75% profits from her practice to charity. She uses only a palette knife and thick oil paints in layers to give her paintings a more spontaneous and gestural feel. She has won several global juried art awards and has exhibited her work in over 35 solo and group exhibitions world wide. 



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