Photography | Laura Jayne

Other Gardens

The three diptychs are part of my ongoing series, Other Gardens, where I use 35mm photography to explore the natural world within the city. In these photos, I capture overhanging and overgrown plants spilling out from gardens across London, inviting questions of ownership and public and private joy when it comes to the nature around us. 

Laura Jayne’s work navigates relationships between the natural world and the queer body. Her poems have appeared in Cypress and Scribe Magazine, and her photographs featured in Floresta’s online exhibition, ‘Cities’In 2020, Laura was a guest on The Poetry Exchange podcast, discussing her personal relationship to the poetry of Anne Sexton. She is currently reading an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature at Birkbeck, University of London.  

Twitter: @laurahjayne
Instagram: @laurahfurner


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