Photography | Vitor Mazon


In many creation myths, from the Judea-Christian tradition to tales from the Philippines and Latin America, water has a significant importance as a force of nature that existed before creation itself. It is from these dark waters that many gods and consequently all forms of life emerge. At the same time, these myths also relate to the theories of evolution that propose that all life arose from the sea.

Taking these ideas of the universal aspects of mythology and scientific theories, the series 'Chaos' was born, which compose a large work, still under development, in which I seek a way to (re)create a connection with the natural world that is not filtered by liberal, western and anthropocentric optics. I try to build a narrative, which starts from the ancient mythologies, but does not exclude understandings of science that constitute the great history of the cosmos.

Vitor Mazon, 1987, is a photographer who grew up and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. In his work, he seeks to use the landscape as a starting point to trace relations between mythologies, contemporary issues and the construction of a personal cosmogony.

Victor has a bachelor in journalism, with a specialisation in photo-journalism, from Spéos Paris – École de Photographie (Paris, France).

Instagram: @pedraemato


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