Photography | Alex Prior

A Brief Shimmer


The space between, clouded outlines, some fade, others crystallise.

Harmony in motion
Between memory and imagination
A compression of singular precise fleeting moments, becoming more fluid and fractured by the day.

My work explores reoccurring themes of memory, the ephemeral, loss and transience both through the subject matter I approach and the materials I incorporate. I strive to create work that encourages the viewer to pause and look closer, to draw in and reveal the overlooked and the unseen.

I look to amplify the subtle signifiers and traces embedded within locations and present these to the viewer. Layering and repetition are employed as a means to evoke dormant memories and these are often fractured glances of a fleeting moment. 

I feel that the evident materiality and textural nature of my work is often equal to the image itself. The photograph as an image with no material presence represents a brief glimpse of a specific unrepeatable moment. Introducing the element of materiality binds this floating image to the present, providing an anchor point whereby drifting memories and far off wandering thoughts are physicalised and given a space in which to exist.

The present is a fine line. So the tangible presence I seek for my images is never concrete, but ephemeral and fleeting in nature. Memory cannot be archived.

Instagram: @aprior_neonglow & @aprior88

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