Poetry | Sophia Harrison

Enough Now

Enough Now

Just a little piece of heaven please
A flower, a landscape, a body of water
A garden slaughter
Stop stop stop
Pitter patter
Grins and chatter
Sell the land
Take a stand
Scream and shout
Let it out.

The sun is awfully friendly today
Look up, say hey.
Hello world
Are you dirty
or just stained?
Money and greed
Economical stampede
Hurt and hinder
Then burn to a cinder.

Our mother is hurting
She’s dry, folks, dry
Not a game anymore
No reflection in the law
She thought we knew the score
I don’t want this hurt anymore.

Enough now.

Sophia Harrison is an fledgling poet and design student currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her favourite things include theatre and Bette Davis films.


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