Art | Neetu Roy

We Shall Overcomb

We Shall Overcomb

When I think of Donald Trump, I imagine him as a bully, you know, the kind you’d hear about in Roald Dahl books … sticking gum in people’s hair, building dens (or walls) to stash his pile of stolen toys, burning ants with magnifying glasses… and that’s where I came up with the idea for my cartoon.

Trump Toon

Denying that climate change exists is one of the biggest impediments to combating it (for obvious reasons I suppose…) and this man’s constant denial that the rate at which our climate is changing is dangerous for us all. Let’s keep spreading the word and keep the ball rolling.

Neetu Roy is an artist and curator, currently completing her medical studies in Liverpool.


9 thoughts on “Art | Neetu Roy

  1. Katerina says:

    Wow! Really talented artist! I think she conveys exactly what he (and many if his followers) are doing- purposely destroying everything. It’s actually kind of funny. Im excited to see more work from Neetu!


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